Thursday, November 20, 2003

am i the only person who thinks that 'alien' should be retitled 'that darn cat?'

okay, story time:
when i was seven, i found a squirrel frozen solid in a snowbank in the woods. my little sister and i took it into my dad's workshop, which was heated by a wood burning stove, with the brilliant plan to heat up the rodent (reanimating it), and then have it be our best friend. i was dr. frankenstein and my sister was igor. "find me a piece of cardboard!" i roared, and she hustled around, snowpants soggily weighing her down, slowly becoming covered with gobs of the sawdust she was rooting around in. i wrapped the squirrel in a shop rag with just its head sticking out, and placed it reverently on the edge of the stove, thinking that it was hot enough there to fry an egg, but if i just stayed vigilant and kept turning it over often enough, it would soon awaken from it's frozen slumber. my sister dripped silently next to me as we watched the squirrel melt into a rancid puddle of fur and putrefication. this was not going at all the way i had planned. we were pretty grossed out. my dad finally stomped in, covered with the snow he had been plowing, took one look at the freaky little experiment going on in his workspace, picked up the rag-wrapped rodent, or what was left of it, pitched it back out into the snowbank, and then stood at the door, holding it open, pointing outside. alas, we were to make no squirrel zombie friends that day.

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