Thursday, August 24, 2006

My friends threaten only half-jokingly to back me into a corner and have a stress intervention on behalf of the part of me that is not tied to the library. It is now a very small part. I live with a library person, all my close friends are library people, I spend 11 hours a day getting to, working at, and getting home from the library, I book my readings at the library, I work on job applications that will bring me up to other levels at the library when I get home, and I go out for drinks to 'unwind' and end up talking about the library.

I dream of updated training materials and holds lists in which every item is found. My nightmares include co-workers scheduling me for 4am baking shifts at their fantasy restaurants with out telling me about it. I dream that my supervisor is observing me through psychic channels and is "watching" me while I shave my armpits in the shower.

I can't have a conversation that doesn't revolve, in some way, around some aspect of intellectual freedom or the obtuseness of the our main data base. I am considering organizing my cds by the dewey decimal system. 'Party Girl' watches like a coked up version of my actual life (minus the male strippers and all that falafel).

I own one of those librarian action figure dolls. I buy clothes based on how they will jibe with any future library situation I might be in. I buy only closed-toed shoes.

During yoga practice, I concentrate on thinking about anything other than books and how they get from one place to another. People send me pictures of libraries when they go on vacation. I started a blog to give short reviews of all the books I read, but couldn't keep up.

Do you have your library card with you?