Monday, August 11, 2003

going home tomorrow early am stupid flight...grumbling about having to get on a plane, which i despise, three hour layover in MPLS, not quite long enough to have my friends meet me there or anything. mom picking me up in Fargo where we will wait for my sister, her plane doesn't come in until evening...should be good times.

this typing process is unbelievably slow as the spacebar at this desk is *sticky* and will only actually register a space every third time i press it. and even then, not so much. i take no responsiblilty for the run on words in this post. it feels good to heave off that responsibility.

as the time draws near when i will have to resubmerge myself in the somewhat turbulent waters of home, my headache becomes increasingly intense. coincidence? i think not. do you ever have trouble embracing a trip to see your parents and do you notice yourself becoming more of a parent to your parents than your parents are parents to you?

i am also in a mental place where i need to start letting some things (that i can't control) go. as i was shifting the 790's this morning and becoming upset about little things, i had to say to myself "fuck, angela, let it go."

chris and i had a discussion about samsara the other night. prompted me to analyze just how much control i really have over anything in my life. kind of made me want to curl up under my blankets and rot. however, i don't have the will to kill myself by holding my breath, so i decided to have a snack instead. i wanted to make a pesto pizza, but alas! no pizza crust! so i made a bisquick formation that approximated a pizza and made it that way. it was very biscuit-y!

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