Wednesday, August 06, 2003

9am, watching the people pile in...sort of frantic about which internet station they get...seems to me like it doesn't matter, but what do i know? there is one man who always speed walks over to the newspapers and grabs today's edition, then speed walks over to the corner most internet terminal, sets down the paper, puts his hat on top of it, and logs on. not that it's a funny ritual, except for the speedwalking part. but he does it every day. i don't even have anything that i do every day in the same order at the same time, except maybe going directly to the bathroom when i first wake up. i wonder what he does on sunday when we don't open until 1pm. that must really mess him up.

i had another weirdo dream about a coworker last night. dreamt i was watching robert's house while he was out of town and my collegue came over and kept trying to twist my nipples, and i just wanted to eat some coconut caramel pie that was on the counter. then he asked me why i wouldn't sleep with him and i told him it was because he didn't ask before he just made himself three eggs and then didn't even bother washing his dishes. then he started in with the nipple thing again. why oh why do i have dreams starring people i have to work with grabbing my breasts? it makes for a few uncomfortable days where i can only look at them with a frown, a serious look or sometimes i'll tell them and laugh about it, but jesus!

do any of you have dreams like that?

the weeks here at good old mcl seem alot longer than they did when we were closed on mondays. it was nice, being one of only a handful of people roaming the empty rooms full of books, surrounded by too much information, not even really succeeding in the daunting task of keeping it all in quiet...serene...whipped through alot of books on tape in those days. almost not like being at work at all. i loved walking into a reading room with all the lights turned off and listening for the electric hum as i switched a bank of light switches on, all the dark corners suddenly owned by only me...sounds pretty corny...

something i never noticed until last week: the walls in the periodicals room are pink! sort of lox colored. who made that decision?

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