Thursday, December 18, 2003

reading this poorly written vampire novel, on page thirty with no believable plot is sight. i know i know, believable schlemievable. all vampire books are a stretch, right? even though this one sucks, it is way better than that romance series of vampire books that i guiltily read, called something like, "his immortal embrace." bleck!

chris is out of town for a few days to see his dying grandfather. drove him to the airport at 4:30am and the only thing i could think of as i was driving back was "i need a chocolate croissant." cold-hearted to be sure. i caught the early bus to work to be sure to get one and the coffee shop was out. brutal.

obsessively sniffing. can feel sort of a scabbed up bit of booger inside my left nostril and it sort of pulls at the inside of my nose when i sniff. i don't want to pick at it because then it might bleed and take even longer to heal. but my nature is, of course, to dig in and root out the truffle like a pig. agh!

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