Monday, October 06, 2003

so i went to see my dog the other day and as i walked up to the house, i noticed that the front door frame was lying in the garden and the door itself, sans the glass that made up the top half of it, was leaning against the front porch. jake is a 70 pound dog, and he usually works himself up into a frenzy whenever someone comes to the door, especially the mailman. he'll throw himself against the thing barking and drooling until the person is let in or runs away. robert told me that the other day he got a running start at the front door and shot like a bullet through the glass at someone's approach. i can't think of too many things scarier than seeing a cujo sized crazed dog come flying through someone's front door. these are the things that lawsuits are made of. i guess jake didn't get hurt, he just shook it off. and i'm not sure who was coming up to the house, but i'm sure they shit their pants and probably won't be coming back. robert replaced the door with one that doesn't have any glass. jake still tosses himself against it, but that's okay.

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